Welcome to the LGBTQIA Healthcare Guild for Sexual and Gender Minorities

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Our Mission Statement

The Healthcare Guild is a grassroots organization of medical and mental healthcare professionals dedicated to improving healthcare services for gender and sexual minorities (LGBTQ).

Our website, healthcareguild.com, serves as a consumer healthcare resource and referral network for consultation, advocacy, and education. The guild exists to support an individual’s entire social ecology, such as the family, educational, occupational, recreational, and spiritual social systems.  We advocate for culturally competent healthcare based on the premise that LGBTQIA identities are as equally valid as heterosexual identities. 

Sexual and gender minorities may identify outside of the dominant culture’s concept of a binary male/female heterosexual orientation or heteronormative gender identity.  Awareness of the diversity of these identities continues to emerge even though they have been classically described as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, (LGBTQIA) and so forth.

In summary, the Guild:

a) serves as a referral and resource center for LGBTQIA consumers

b) educates consumers about how to find culturally competent and affirming healthcare providers

c) unites LGBT-affirming providers for networking and professional development

d) provides education and consultation for developing practitioner cultural competency

  1. e)advocates for sexual and gender minorities by promoting inclusive and competent healthcare policies